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International Orders

International Orders

We welcome orders from outside the United States. The system does have trouble calculating the correct shipping, and not all payment methods are accepted. For that reason, we do ask you to follow this procedure...


1 - Enter your order. If possible, enter your order and check out. When it comes to payment method, select "Check or Money Order". Ignore the shipping charges the system has calculated. If the system gives you trouble with this step, contact us and we'll assist you in the process.


2 - We'll determine the correct shipping charges. Once we have your address, either from the order you entered, or from your email, we'll find the shipping charges to your location. We'll then send an email with the correct order total to confirm you want to proceed with the order.


3 - We'll send a Paypal Invoice. After you've agreed, we'll send a Paypal invoice to your email address. Upon payment, we'll ship your order. Paypal is the only payment method we currently offer outside the US (Update: 


Of course, if you'd like to contact us for a shipping quote before placing the order, that would be great too.