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Gillette Double Ring Safety Razor from 1904


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Here we have a true example of safety razor history. This is a Gillette "Double Ring" Safety Razor. This was the first type of razor produced by Gillette. The serial number (23881) dates is as being produced early in 1904. Before this, Gillette made some razors in 1903 without serial numbers. In 1904, records show they made about 25,000 with serial numbers, but with Pat Appl For on the handle, and they produced another 16,000 with the Pat Nov 15 04 on the handle, as is seen in this example. Apparently, there was some error in the record keeping, or perhaps just not very tight controls of which serial numbers went with which handle. In spite of the age, you can still use the same standard Gillette Style double edge razor blades you can purchase today. 


As you can see in the photos,the razor is in excellent good condition for the age. There is almost no brassing. There is some rust from an old blade under the head that our "light clean and sterilize" process didn't remove. A more thorough cleaning would likely fix that. The teeth are all present and straight. Very cool look in your hand or on the shelf.


The case appears to be original. It's far from perfect, but it has a cool look with a lot of character. The hinges are damaged and someone has "repaired" it with some black duct tape. It would likely be possible to perform a better repair. The original book "The Gillette Way" is a nice touch too. 


It only has one blade box. It has a lot of brassing, but at least it's here. I like these early "match safe" style boxes. I think it's funny they made them multi-purpose like that. I wonder too if there's a story there. 


Terrific piece of shaving history that you could still use. 

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