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Schick Type B3, Sterling Silver Repeating Razor from 1927


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Personally, I consider this the most rare of the Schick razors. We've seen very few photos, and only one other sale, and we've been after this specific beast for a while. 


This is a Schick "Type B3" injector. Made for Schick by the Magazine Repeating Razor Company. This is a variation on the second model of the venerable Schick injector razor. The B types were made from 1927 to 1932. Like the Type As and Cs, the blades are stored in a cartridge inside the handle. By pulling and pushing the end of the razor, the old blade is ejected and a new one inserted. What distinguishes the B3 from the other types is the sterling silver cap and cover for the main body. 


White it is possible to insert a modern blade into these older types, you have to do it manually. The modern injector will not work. For display or reference, we have included a NOS case of blades. While these blades were made sometime after 1946 when the Eversharp company took over the brand, they are made for use in the Schick types A, B and C. I can't judge the quality or usability of the blades since they are sealed. 

We've left the silver plating with the natural patina. If you want it shiny, I'm sure it would polish up easily. There is a little bit of brassing on the end of the handle and the back of the head, but it's not very noticeable in your hand. There is not a cartridge in the razor, but the mechanism works perfectly.

Very rare, attractive and interesting piece of shaving history to display, or perhaps even use!

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