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Star Trek Enterprise Blueprints, Franz Joseph Designs, 1975


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From Star Trek the original series (TOS) comes this set of blue prints for the Fabulous Starship Enterprise. Drawn by Franz Joseph designs, this is the first printing of the second (first public, regular) edition by Ballantine Books. The "true" first edition was a limited release to Equicon 1974. If you know where to find one of those, let us know!

Almost perfect condition. This is probably in better shape than when I opened my set in 1975! There is almost no yellowing of the pages. There are a couple of sheets with a very faint start of yellowing, and the back of sheet 12 is slightly stained from being next to the cardboard backer. Otherwise, these look like they were bought, and put up in a ziplock bag on day one (which is what they were in when I got them). They look like they were printed yesterday.

Back in the day, I took my set and wallpapered my wall with them. We also used them for a dimension crossing adventure in our Advanced Dungeons and Dragons days. Very cool set. Makes you feel like you're walking the decks. It's all here, the bridge, transporter rooms, engineering and sickbay. There are a ton of things to find.
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