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Travalong Safety Razor Compact Travel Razor from 1944


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Here's an interesting vintage double edge safety razor. It's a Travalong Safety Razor. This was marketed as "The world's most compact safety razor". According to Waits, it was produced around 1944. It does have the distinct honor of being one of the most clever travel razors I've seen. Quite amazing what they've done with the space and material. While we've included the vintage Schick double edge razor blades that came with it, we consider those to be for display only. It takes a standard Gillette style blade, which you can purchase in several brands if you wish to shave with it. 


While it breaks down into a clever package barely bigger than a blade case, the razor assembles into a decent size. One has to be careful during assembly and dis-assembly due to the exposed blade, but it comes together into a surprisingly sturdy package. The handle does wind up at an odd angle. Reports on the use of this razor vary. Some praise the low angle created by the thin head as giving a very close shave, while other don't like the light weight. No one can argue that is packs a lot of razor into a very small space. 


If you're looking for the ultimate travel razor, or just want and oddity to round out your collection, this one is a prize. 


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